About us


Inc Space is a platform for students to express their creativity. By combining special needs and mainstream classes, the INClusive program encourages teamwork and an opportunity to share ideas. Designs are created by the students and for the students - as profits go toward student projects ran by Mindspace. Every design is unique and interesting, created by students with a range of abilities and ages.

Peer led groups have provided students with the opportunity to gain skills and understanding that will help them as they grow and enter the working world.

Our mascot, Incky, was designed by a member of our Axis program. Azran’s characters are unique, full of personality, and each character's features have been intentionally designed.

Establishing a safe and reassuring atmosphere for all to express ideas and to see each other potential, Inc Space offers a wonderful opportunity for teamwork and a better understanding of each other.

Original crafts by the students of CSNE, ULC, and Axis, from INCeption to INCorporation, through INClusion.

IncSpace is another social initiative by Mindspace Sdn Bhd.


“Incky", The squide, has many arms which represent that the artist is full of ideas and can create many things. Incky is an artist just like most of the students in IncSpace artist."
- Azran, Creater of Incky (Axis) 

"The ‘inc’ within Inc Space is short for inclusive as the program includes students with or without special needs." 

- Zhen Feng (Axis)

"Inc Space taught us about teamwork. We worked as a team to make cards. I learned that everyone was able to contribute even though some members have special needs."

– Chong Sheng (ULC)

"Inc Space is a training ground for me because it slowly guides me on what to expect in the future."

- Angeline (ULC)